Our Story


Cambridge has developed, owned and managed award-winning facilities for 30 years. We’ve learned that thoughtfully designed medical real estate enables more precise diagnoses, more effective treatments, and faster recoveries. Like our healthcare partners and city leaders, however, we know mitigating disease is not enough. The United States spends twice what other countries do on healthcare but lags behind in outcomes, quality and efficiency. And the costs are not just financial. U.S. residents have fewer healthy years beyond age 60 than other nations. Researchers warn that the current generation will be the first in history with shorter life expectancies than their parents. With chronic and avoidable illnesses responsible for 75% of costs and four out of the top five causes of death, a big part of the answer seems maddeningly simple: prevention. So, just as we have perfected real estate as an effective tool for mitigating disease, Cambridge is now using real estate to prevent disease. We are developing communities that improve health for people who live, work and visit there.

Mindful Healthy Living


Living mindfully is being aware of the hundreds of daily choices that can positively influence our health and longevity. But there’s a catch: even with full knowledge of the facts, most of us make choices that aren’t so good for us. So, at Cambridge, the concept of mindfulness transcends awareness and seeks to make the right choices the natural ones. Every project decision begins with the question… “How does this make living healthy, easy?” We create places that make walking, biking and eating fresh food more appealing than their alternatives, and that are visually diverse and interesting enough to draw people outdoors to flex those minds, bodies and spirits. Our communities have a strong sense of neighborhood and include a blend of energized experiences throughout the day and night – office, retail, residential, recreational and cultural … spaces that encourage interaction with co-workers, friends and family, and enjoyment of the arts. For these are the things that enhance quality (and quantity) of life.


And not just at the gym. Human powered locomotion creates those little bursts of energy that promote longer life, healthier aging and a happier existence.


Let’s get back in touch with what we consume. Fresh, local food, easily accessible and deliciously prepared. This is how we create healthier (and smarter) palates.


Collaborative work places help us feel alive, stimulate discovery and pay homage to the truth that many great minds are better than one.


Places for casual interaction among friends, family and nature. A sense of community informed by the wisdom of the experienced and the vitality of the young.


Knowing why we get up in the morning increases life expectancy, provides meaning and reduces anxiety. Discovering purpose is easier in the company of others who’ve found their “why.”


Slow down and let your mind steep. Relaxation protects the heart, boosts memory and decision making, and lowers chances of stroke, among other benefits. And it feels great, too.

Mindful Development


As real estate developers, we sometimes know things we wish we didn’t. For example, a baby born today may have more than 250 building materials in his or her bloodstream. Products like carpet, paint, insulation and furniture can contain volatile organic compounds that “off gas” toxins in to the air. Because 90% of our time is spent indoors, where air quality is two to five times worse than outside, it’s easy to see how this unwanted inheritance is handed down. Mindful development means hearing those facts and declaring, “no more.” We select safer materials, provide cleaner air indoors, and design irresistible amenities to draw moms, dads, kids and everyone else outside to enjoy lush streetscapes, inviting parks and green gathering places … making that extra breath of fresh air a welcome part of daily life.


Adding two flights of stairs per day for one year sheds up to six pounds of body weight and increases healthy bone density and muscular strength. We celebrate our stairs and cheer for all who use them.


Earth-friendly (and people-friendly) products preserve natural resources, promote cleaner air, reduce respiratory illnesses, and minimize greenhouse gases – that’s plenty of incentive for us.


Glass increases natural light, boosts productivity, improves mood and regulates human circadian rhythms. Views through a window even speed healing. All good reasons to let the sun shine in.


We’re collecting storm water, groundwater and condensation to irrigate our entire site at ONEC1TY. An added benefit: all that water makes a nice watershed for residents and visitors to enjoy.


Earth-friendly LED lighting is dramatically more efficient than other technologies. LEDs last longer, consume fewer resources and contain no mercury, keeping our water supply safe. Go LED!


Wringing moisture from the outside air, pre-tempering it and increasing filtration reduces bacteria and mold and keeps occupants comfortable and allergy-free. Go ahead, take a deep, cleansing breath.


Adorning buildings with living roofs absorbs heat and creates natural insulation, reducing energy needs, air pollution, greenhouse gases and storm water runoff. We think they’re pretty, too.


For too long, streets have served cars, not people. Complete streets let cars, walkers, and cyclists coexist safely. And landscaped, bioswaled medians remove pollution from runoff water.


Wood recycled from an empty warehouse is finding new life at ONEC1TY, indoors and out – as decks, benches and on walls. And our street beds feature crushed rock repurposed from excavation.



If we had our way, hospitals would be out of business. And our forward-thinking health system clients agree: coordinated, integrated care models that keep people out of hospitals are the best prescription for long, active lives. Meanwhile – chronic illnesses, many of which are preventable, currently account for more than 80% of hospital admissions, 90% of prescriptions, and 75% of physician visits. We salute clinicians whose primary care focus is on prevention and education, and whose specialized care focus is on personalized medicine that improves human performance. We support them by developing real estate that helps them do what they do, better. Check out a few examples of our groundbreaking (and ongoing) work in healthcare below.

Our Team


Cambridge’s leadership group has worked together for 20+ years. That impressive longevity is balanced by a constant desire to reinvent what we do … to “obsolete” ourselves by bringing in new talent to inspire fresh thinking and teach us what we don’t know – elevating our work to new heights.


Our Way


Our natural tendency is to work as a team. We think our best efforts involve bringing everyone together to contribute diverse skill sets, innovative ideas and varied perspectives. That makes for a busy, noisy office – and we love it. In fact, our work environment is a reflection of who we are, what we value, and how we develop communities: collaborative work spaces, use of recycled and organic materials, abundant glass and natural daylight and technology that brings us closer together instead of pushing us apart. We share healthy lunches in our break room, practice yoga together, work out in our gym, and take power walks around our great neighborhood. At Cambridge, we (literally) walk the talk.

Big Thinking


We have always “thought big” about how real estate can be used to do great things. Indeed, we know it can improve lives – whether in our medical facility work or in the development of healthy neighborhoods like ONEC1TY. We are actively involved in sharing the lessons we’ve learned across the United States and around the globe, and we support others who have similar goals. We’re proud to align with organizations that seek to solve global challenges such as improving access to safe, nutritious food, education, the arts, and making a healthy way of life available to all individuals around the world. Please read about some of our big thinking partners and friends below.

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